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Places of Worship

Reliable Audio Visual Service

Golding Audio are specialists in the design and installation of sound systems for places of worship. These systems can be particularly difficult given the acoustic characteristics of many older churches. We take great care to listen to the requirements of the congregation and design each system with them in mind.

Induction Loop Systems are designed to comply with current disability discrimination legislation and installed to be as sympathetic with the structure of the building as possible.
We will design, supply, and install your church sound system for maximum audio intelligibility whilst being as unobtrusive as possible.

Projectors and screens have recently become popular with many churches for the display of hymns and presentations. We at Golding Audio can specify and install powerful and impressive display systems to convey your message to the whole congregation.

Church Sound System Intelligibility

A well designed system can overcome the acoustic problems in places of worship by using the correct equipment:
Microphones specifically suited to speech
Equalizers which can compensate for problematic acoustics
Distribution and location of speakers to minimize echo and delay of audio signals

A further problem can be achieving a sufficient level of amplification in the sound system before the onset of feedback. This can usually be overcome by careful choice of microphones and loudspeakers. Some extreme cases may benefit by the inclusion of a digital feedback processor to detect the onset of feedback and intelligently “destroy” the offending frequencies.

Golding Audio engineers have many years of experience designing systems to suit small and large installations and for all budgets.