GA Design

At Golding Audio we offer a wide variety of services from custom designed products to supply of AV equipment.

Media Player Design


Much of our work involves the design and manufacture of custom sound storage devices for our partners products, which can emanate from completely different and diverse market sectors. This has not only broadened our client base but also our knowledge and expertise in the field of digital sound storage systems.

If you have a requirement for anything related to digital sound storage for ANY application in ANY market area. We would be more than happy to offer our experience and expertise to assist you. Many of our partners have done so and continue to do so. Our philosophy has always been if we don’t have a product to fit the bill then we make one that does.

Custom Product Design


Over the years, and often in association with our partners we have been involved in the design, development and manufacture of electronic systems for a wide and diverse range of products from very different market areas.


For example one of our partners LapSafe approached us to assist in the design and manufacture of systems to control, secure and charge large numbers of laptop computers in the corporate and education market. Others have included full security systems, point of sale equipment and numerous other products in the audio field.

If you have a requirement or question relating to product design and manufacture for ANY market sector please feel free to contact us. Many of our partners have done so in the past. We continue to work closely with them to further both their and our positions in the market place.

Tour Guide Design

Early days

In association with our partners Golding Audio were among the first companies in the world to design and manufacture the electronics for a solid state multi lingual tour guide system. Over the years these systems have evolved and our systems continue to utilize the latest technologies available.

New Technology

As a company we and our partners have kept abreast of changes in technology and stiff competition in this market area. In conjunction with our partners we continue to have products in use all around the world and continue to develop new ideas for this market area.

If you require a cost effective, competitive, full featured product in this area. Designed to your requirements with your name on give Golding Audio a call with your requirement and if we haven’t got a product to fit the bill we will make one that does.