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ASC-1 Automatic Screen Controller

This handy little installation box quickly and easily removes the need for a control system in small to medium sized AV installations. Connect mains power into the box, feed through to your projector and connect your electric screen to the terminals and you are done. Now whenever you switch your projector on your electric screen will automatically drop down ready for your presentation. And when you are finished, switch your projector off and the screen will automatically retract. No programming, no fuss simple control in minutes. Optional relay for control of lights, curtains etc.

Simple automatic operation
Removes the need for additional screen remote control
Small footprint – can be concealed easily
External relay output for external equipment
Reliable and maintenance free
Cost effective
Simple installation
No extra power required
Sensitivity adjustment to operate with virtually any projector

The current flowing to the projector is monitored by the circuit.
When this current increases beyond a certain level such as when the lamp is illuminated, the circuit will output power to the DOWN motor of the screen.
This output will remain on for 2 minutes to allow plenty of time for the screen to reach its down limit.
Thirty seconds after the projector has been switched on, the auxiliary relay will also operate which can be used to turn off house lights via a suitable dimmer or control system.
When the projector is turned off and after a short delay, the UP output will become powered to drive the screen back up and
also the auxiliary relay will change state to turn on house lights if connected.

Power Input 240V AC 50Hz
Projector Output 240V 5Amp / 1200W
Screen outputs 240V 2Amp Fused
Relay output (optional) NO / NC Change over contacts 32vdc 250mA max
Red led Lights to show power applied to screen outputs
Green led Lights to show projector lamp power is sensed
Over-ride input Momentary switch input (low voltage) to toggle screen up or down if manual control required
Sensitivity Operates screen if power drawn by projector exceeds 100W
Dimensions – 110 x 110 x 63 mm