GA Products

DMS6000 (MP3)

Our flagship soundstore, designed with ease of programming in mind.
The DMS6000 uses industry standard MP3 files to store the audio data. So programming the audio is as simple as dragging and dropping the file onto a SD card (PC or MAC).
The DMS6000 series is available in a variety of options from PCB only to a 1U cased version.


The smallest of our range of audio media systems. The DSU500 combines the latest developments in audio processors and amplifier technology to produce a compact but very powerful unit ideal for Interactive kiosks, triggered sound effects, Voice alarm systems and In-vehicle sound systems.


The DVSHD is a powerful yet easy to use commercial HD (High Definition) digital media player designed for looping playback and triggered playback of MPEG-1/2/4 video files and high resolution still pictures in commercial environments.
The videos and pictures are stored and played directly from a SD memory card or USB memory stick.
The DVSHD supports many resolutions including 1080P 60Hz through HDMI output.


This handy little installation box quickly and easily removes the need for a control system in small to medium sized AV installations. Connect mains power into the box, feed through to your projector and connect your electric screen to the terminals and you are done. Now whenever you switch your projector on your electric screen will automatically drop down ready for your presentation. And when you are finished, switch your projector off and the screen will automatically retract. No programming, no fuss simple control in minutes. Optional relay for control of lights, curtains etc.

Mini Amp MA50

The MA50 has been designed specifically for use in permanent audio installations where high reliability and premium sound quality are required. The compact size and reliable design with power saving feature, make this amplifier perfect for situations were power will be permanently on for indefinite periods of time.
With a highly efficient class D amplifier capable of delivering 2 X 25W into 8 ohms or 1 X 50W into 4 ohms the MA50 is the ideal product for a wide variety of installations.

Flicker Unit

The Flicker Unit is a stand alone lamp flicker control card ideal for generating flame, lantern or candle FX’s. With an output rating of 500 watts the card can drive multiple small lamps or larger light sources to a maximum of 500 watts.