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Golding Audio design custom PA systems for all commercial applications. Dedicated to providing better sound through the use of new technology and tried & trusted methods, we are one of the leading specialists in PA Systems installation in the United Kingdom. Our engineers have many years of experience designing and installing PA systems.

Specialist PA systems are available to suit any application. We have designed PA systems for corporate buildings, churches, stations, meeting halls, conference rooms, schools, factories and shopping malls.

On request we would carry out a site visit to consult with the client and carry out a full survey of the premises. A detailed specification and quotation is then prepared and delivered to you for discussion. Once all parties are satisfied with the specification and budget we would arrange the most convenient days for installation.
We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and work with agents on site to deploy the system in the most unobtrusive and sensitive way possible.

On completion we carry out full training for your staff and are on call should you require any further advice or training.