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Education Sector

Cost Effect Audio Visual Solutions

We have worked with many schools over the years, helping to build systems to assist in the education of pupils from all walks of life.

Golding Audio have installed sound systems for school halls, theatres, classrooms and sports fields. All designed for the clearest vocal reproduction, but always with budgetary concerns in mind.

Golding Audio can supply the most popular interactive whiteboards. The IWB is one of the most advanced interactive teaching aids available. Linked to a PC and a projector it can help build exciting, dynamic and inspirational lessons through its unique suite of software, which is easy to use and fully customizable.

Digital signage

Digital Signage can be used in education, from Primary Schools through to Higher Education establishments. Through the use of screens placed in reception areas, staff rooms, canteens and boarding houses, Digital Signage has been a proven method to communicate to pupils, students, staff and guests. Examples of information used in these environments are sports news, menus, timetable/room changes and photos of school plays etc.