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DMS6000 Series

Compact Case, 1U Rack mounted and 3U Nest Mounted.

DMS6000 sound stores are based on industry standard MP3 compression. Audio data is stored on SD memory cards and can be recorded using any PC equipped with a SD card reader. Message playback can be initiated in a number of ways via: Direct Trip inputs, RS485 commands, or Command file selection. 


The DMS range of sound stores are ideally suited to audio applications in theme parks, multi-lingual applications, sound effects, public announcements or directions, emergency evacuations, background music and advertising, museum or trade displays, and numerous other applications.

Available Models:

DMS6000-PCB: Card only for 3U Subrack units or custom housing.
DMS6000-1U: 1U 19″ rack mountable case + DMS6000 card
DMS6000-CC: Compact case with DMS6000 card. (Supplied with external power supply)
DMS SUBRACK: 19″ 3U subrack capable of holding 8 cards. (Supplied with external power supply)


Cost effective
Dual audio output
Highly efficient 2 x 25W Class D Amplifier
Unbalanced “true” line level output
8 direct access trip inputs (binary mode extends to 255)
4 fully controllable open drain outputs (30vdc, 2A max)
Improved control functions
Simple firmware upgrade


Voltage input10 – 28VDC MAX (Compact case/PCB)
 110 – 240VAC (1U Case)
Standby current100mA (200mA with LCD)
Maximum current3A peak (driving 2 x 4Ohms speakers at 24V)
Line output1V rms into 600Ohms unbalanced (+2.2dBu)
Audio controlsVolume
 Treble boost
 Bass boost
Speaker output powerCompact Case 12V  8Ohms load 8W + 8W
 Compact Case 12V  4Ohms load 15W + 15W
 Compact Case 24V  8Ohms load 13W + 13W
 Compact Case 24V   4Ohms load 27W + 27W
 1U Case  8Ohms load 13W + 13W
 1U Case  4Ohms load 27W + 27W
MemoryStandard SD card 1GB to 32GB
Audio fileMP3 (without ID tags)
Sample Rates32KHz, 44.1KHz and 48KHz
Bit Rates32, 64, 96 ,128, 160
 192, 224, 320Kbps
Trip inputs8 Active low with 10k pullup to 5v
 8 Active high with 10k pull-down to gnd.
Trip modes8 direct inputs
 Edge triggered
 Level triggered
 Normally open
 Normally closed
 Binary mode (255 possible codes)
 Priority interrupt
 Any interrupt
 No interrupt
 Self interrupt
Control outputs4 x 2Amp open drain (pull to gnd) 30v max.
 CTL out 1 can be used as RUN output active when playing
Control inputs: 
StartLatches code in binary mode
StopCancel any audio or control file
Control 1+2Future use
ADCRemote volume or timer control (0-10v)
Remote control / SyncRS485 serial control

PCB Dimensions – Standard Euro card:
Length – 160mm
Width – 100mm
Height – 25mm

1U Case Dimensions:
Width – 483mm
Depth – 330mm
Height – 44mm

Compact Case Dimensions:
Width – 154mm
Depth – 220mm
Height – 52mm